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We also want to provide a home for employment for creative people and give them an outlet to plug their creative power into. Everyone will be given ample opportunity to grow and create no matter what their style is.

We plan to delve into tons of different ventures to make this company have a “We can do it all” type of vibe. We want to be the collection of people who can be trusted to do anything we offer  with the upmost quality and attitudes behind the work.

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Family Meal Deals

Surf & Turf $26.50
1/2 lb Fried Haddock
Medium Chicken Tender
Medium French Fries
Medium Onion Rings

Grand Slam $13.95
4 Hot Dogs
Medium French Fries
Medium Onion Rings

Barn Yard $21.00
Large Chicken Tender
Medium French Fries
Medium Onion Rings

We now deliver to:
Allenstown, Atkinson, Auburn, BEDFORD, Bow, Candia, Chester, CONCORD,
Danville, Derry, Epping, Freemont, Goffstown, Hampstead, Hooksett,
Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Merrimack, NASHUA, Pelham,
Raymond, Salem, Sandown and Windham.